KMovie 快影


  • Role: UX Designer
  • Date: Jan, 2020 – Apr, 2020


Kmovie is an official video editing mobile App of Kwai(快手),whose mission is to help advanced creators create ideal videos, enhance their production capacity and quantity, thus enriching the types of work and improving the quality of short-form video consumption on Kwai platform to enhance Kwai’s market competitiveness. 

Kmovie has iterated several versions since its launch. After continuous explorations and revisions, it has already formed a relatively mature editor product frame. Now it’s in the development stage of expanding functions and improving experience.


In this stage, to tap into feature and design opportunities, the business and design team have collected a large number of users’ problems and demands after market research, data analysis, user feedback collection, and various forms of user research.


Aiming at solving the problems encountered by users in the actual creation process and meeting the demands of users in more subdivided scenarios, on the one hand, Kmovie continues to iteratively optimize existing features, on another hand, it also supplements the missing advanced and customized features for vertical users.

Design Goal and Principles

According to the above product and users’ requirements, we have set the design goal as: to help advanced creators efficiently produce satisfactory videos.

Verification signal:

  • Users can find the functions they want quickly ;
  • Users can learn new functions quickly
  • Users can complete the editing tasks efficiently with ease;
  • Users are happy and satisfied with the production process and output.

Design principles of corresponding goals:

  • Define, group and visualize the functions clearly;
  • Simplify the operation and style, and progressively disclose the complexity of the function;
  • Embrace the consistency, and stabilize the product structure, high-frequency function positions, operation processes, visual languages;
  • Efficiency comes first;
  • Reduce the interference of the UI to the video content itself.
Design Implementation

To achieve the design goal, according to the above design principles, a series of advanced and long-tailed functions for users’ high-frequency feedback have been developed in sequence, such as: video-in-video(combine multiple videos into one video), mixed mode, masking and so on.

With the continuous product development, more and more features are supplemented in the Kmovie editor, and the new features usually have a strong correlation with the old features. In order to maintain the consistency of user experience in finding and using old and new features, reduce users’ cost and mistakes to learn new features, and improve the design and development efficiency and continuity, we have sorted out and refined common modules on the basis of the original frame of Kmovie editor, including pop-ups, material tracks, function menus and so on, and clearly defined the systematic specifications for these modules.

Once design is completed, we check the new feature pages and keep refining, updating, and precipitating new specifications of new modules. We keep enriching the types, elements and interactive operations of the modules. The expanded and complete specification library will further enhance the extension and landing efficiency of new features.

After the development of new feature demo, we organize usability testing and showcase meeting within our project team, so as to verify whether we reach the user signal of design goal quickly, and find out problems related to effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of the product then fix them in time. After the new version product is released, we initiate NPS or customer satisfaction questionnaire, conduct return interview, and observe data such as task completion rate and production amount/DAU to further verify our design effect, and formulate subsequent iteration plans accordingly.


Project Achievements

Up to now, the MAU of Kmovie has exceeded 10 million, the user score on the mobile app store such as the App store is 5 points, and it has been recommended by the store many times. After multiple iterations of functional experience, and beneficially affected by the flow of the main product of Kwai, the production volume of Kmovie has steadily increased. The total work volume of the bimonthly in early 2020 reached xxx w + with an increase of 91% from the previous month, and the weekly work amount per DAU increased by xx%.

Follow-up Planning

In terms of follow-up, in order to enable more user growth, besides keeping learning user and market feedback to polish the user experience of the editor tool , the design team will also involve in discovering opportunities on the complete customer creating journey of conception-production-feedback and promote the experience optimization revision.