Tengyun 腾云

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  • Role: UX Designer
  • Date: Sep, 2017 – Dec, 2017


“Tengyun” is a think tank-based cultural brand of Tencent enterprise with the mission of connecting Tencent with academics, industries and the public through the online platforms displaying their output to share the proposition “the future of mankind and technology”.


Understanding the Problem

The previous official website of Tengyun was built in 2011, when the brand was founded initially.

After reviewing the previous website, we found that there were the following main problems:
• The Information Architecture of the previous website was no longer able to hold the existing product categories and new output of Tengyun;
• Some contents on the website was low-quality, and the information that reflected the value of Tengyun was not fully presented;
• The previous VI didn’t convey the latest value and vision of Tengyun well.


After communicating with the business side, we reached a consensus on goal of the revision project to achieve:
Take the Tengyun official website as a display window of the brand and its output to show and expand the impact of Tengyun.

From the UX perspective: Adjust and update the IA and wireframes of the website to align with the new output;
From the UI perspective: Optimize visual performance and convey the vision of “the future of mankind and technology”.


Task Analysis

In order to clarify the needs of users, we analyzed the tasks of the main groups of users in some specific scenarios, especially their motivations and concerns when they visit the official website of Tengyun.


Design Goals

By synthesizing the results of the product review and task analysis, we distilled the design goals:
Design an official website platform for domain experts, scholars and IT enthusiasts with distinctive Tengyun brand tonality, providing professional, authoritative and impact-exportable output, allowing users to intuitively and accurately perceive the brand vision of Tengyun and identify the strength of the brand by learning the value of the output.

design goal






Visual Design



After collaborating with visual designer and developers, the website is available online now.

Check the Tengyun official website here: https://tengyun.tencent.com